There are 3 weeks left in the program and it will soon be time to present this capstone. How am I feeling about this right now? Mad! Mad as a hatter that is! There are so many things that I must do.

I am building this project using a SERN stack (Sequelize, Express, React, Node). I was almost going to go the MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node) route but, after doing some reviewing and comparing Sequelize to Mongo, I decided that SERN was the way to go for me.

Well, that didn’t make it any easier. I have been understanding everything pretty well throughout the whole program. I have been awful at turning in any assignments since module 4 because I have been concentrating on this capstone. I want to be able to get as much of this capstone complete as I possibly can before I have to present it.

Where is that taking me? Falling, falling, falling down a rabbit hole. I have some many things that I need to tie in and connect. I can see them. I grab for them. Yet, I am continually falling down the rabbit hole.

Take today for instance, I was finally able to write out the code for my database. It was not an easy task at first but, I went back to what I know works for me. Whiteboard! Whiteboard has been my lifesaver. Today, I used it to layout my database models so I could see them. I also tried to state how one button would function so that I can create those functions, calls in my code.

Hooray! I got the database code done. Now, let me try to implement some of this HTML code into this React app. Do I have any idea what I am about to embark upon? Not a chance! I start out with what I think will be something small. Something that I can handle, I start with the navbar.

I copy some code from my HTML file and move it into the React app of my final version. Thinking okay this can’t be too difficult, I can do this, right? The reactstrap and bootstrap pages are up in my browser so I can reference them quickly. Almost there, I have something that I think might actually work. The moment of truth comes and I start up my server.

What do I get? An ENORMOUS amount of……you guessed it, ERRORS! Great, what am I going to do now? The one thing that the instructors have been telling us from day one. Start with the first error and work your way down form there.

I manage to get some of the errors fixed only to create new ones. At this point in my day, I have had enough. Time to walk away from this project for a while and do something else. Tomorrow is another day with more errors in my future.

Will I have this project running in 3 weeks? I haven’t a clue but, I sure am going to try my damndest! I have a lot to accomplish, yet, I am not willing to give up so easy. I have learned so much in the past 21 weeks that sometimes I think it’s all a dream. Choosing to become a coder, a developer, a full stack developer, was one of the best choices I have made in my career path. I may be late to the game but, I am going to come out on top!

So my friends, I will see you in 3 weeks with another snippet of my adventure in this learning curve of coding. I hope you continue to follow me after this adventure of coding boot camp is over and I move onto the next adventure in coding. What will that be you might ask? Why, a job of course!