In the first few weeks of class, there were a slew of terms that were thrown at me that I had never heard until now. Many of them were programming terms but there was one that is used in many fields. Capstone, what the heck is a capstone and why do I need to do one?

Well, a capstone is a project that we have to present at the end of the bootcamp to our peers, instructors and sponsors of the program. This would be the crowning achievement of our time at the bootcamp. It would show what we learned over the 24 week duration and how well we could utilize it.

The next step for me was to choose what my capstone was going to be about and what problem it was going to solve. Depending on what our project was going to be, we did have some resources available to us.

It didn’t take me long to decide what I was going to do for my capstone. I had decided to create an app for archers to keep track of their 3D scores while on the course.

Once I knew what I wanted to do, I then had to figure out how to start creating it. This was not an easy task. I was about to embark on creating a project and no clue as to the first step. If I had thought I was in over my head before, this project made me think again.

After talking with a few of the instructors, I had a little better understanding and grasp on where I should start. I had started looking online and was able to find some photos that I would be able to use. My next step was to start laying out how I wanted my app to look for the user. I purchased a pad of paper that contained templates that would allow me to draw out the look of the app.

After some trial and error, I finally got a look that I could start doing something with, like write some code! So my next step is to start writing code and making my idea come to fruition.