Here I was about to embark on my new journey and I hit a small road block before the classes even started……work.

My job was sending me out of town and I would miss the first week of classes. I had informed the program of my dilemma before I was accepted and they told me not a problem, you can watch them online because we will be live streaming the classes. Phew!

Even though the classes were live streamed, I had no idea how to access them. I checked into the classroom every night and tried to do what I could by looking at the PowerPoint slides and pdf files.

I thought “I’ll never catch up”. Well, I was wrong! It took for me to do something that I would normally never do and that

was out of my comfort zone. I asked questions and asked for help.

It turned out I wasn’t that far behind and they couldn’t believe the work I had done just from looking at the slides and pdf files.

I knew nothing about coding when I started the program. In just a few short weeks, I have learned an amazing amount of information.

The 3rd and fourth weeks of class had me second guessing myself. Did I do the right thing? Am I cut out to do this? The reason for these thoughts, you might ask. A simple answer, I was comparing myself and my work and what I could do to others in the class.

After a few nights of frustration, I took a step back and thought about why I was so frustrated. It took some searching but I had realized that I couldn’t compare myself with others. What I needed to do was compare myself to work that I had previously done to what I could do now.

It’s finding a balance between work, class, and home that I need to constantly work at achieving. There has to be a balance or things will fall apart. The toughest part is finding time to do extra studying for class. I don’t mean the normal study time, I mean extra to learn more or to solidify what we have been taught.

The land of code is vast. There are many main streets and thousands of side streets to explore. The trick is to figure out which ones to explore first and which ones to come back to and explore later. I’m ready though, so let the games begin.