As the graduation date grew near, I became more and more stressed. I was stress eating, which was not pretty. I was really nervous that I was going to make a ton of mistakes during my presentation.

Graduation day arrived and I was trying to get in a few final touches and changes. It was do or die at this point, there was no looking back. I presented my capstone and survived the ordeal.

Phew! I made it. I was a first cohort graduate of Hack Upstate’s Careers in Code Bootcamp. So now what? Where do I go from here? What happens next?

Searching for a new job is what is next but, where was I even going to look? I was starting to dread this more than building and presenting my capstone. It had been years since I needed to look for a new job and I didn’t have clue on where to start. The whole process of looking for a job, writing a cover letter, filling out applications and the waiting was not something I was looking forward to at all.

It has been over 30 days since graduation day and I have not found a job yet but I look for new openings everyday. I’m starting to doubt myself. Do I have what it takes for this career move? Do I possess any of the qualifications that employers are seeking? I read job descriptions and think I don’t know any of those languages or have any of those skills. Then I start thinking I’m not even sure I know any of the skills I did learn.

So where do I go from here? Well, I’ll tell you where I’m going, I am going to continue working on my capstone and get it working. I am going to watch and rewatch videos to keep things fresh in my mind. I am going to start new projects and learn new skills.


That my friends, is where I am going to go from here. So, if you have kept up with my journey this far, I hope you continue along this crazy ride to see where it takes me.